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The Darwin Project's Mission

“The Darwin Project will fall squarely in the rarely filled intersection
of education, science, and the aesthetic celebration of nature.
It will be an ornament to the cultural life of the City.”

Edward O. Wilson

The mission of the Darwin Project is to create a 21st Century Botanical Garden and Conservation Learning Center in the heart of Boston, focused on the beauty and vast diversity of nature and on the exploration of new possibilities of a sustainable future for our small planet.
Create an urban oasis where we can nourish a sense of wonder in the inspirational beauty of nature, and explore perhaps the earth’s greatest frontier – the discovery and conservation of biodiversity.
Provide a forum for learning for all generations, making learning about nature fun and engaging for children, and reconnecting adults with the imagination and freedom of expression that we came by naturally as children.

Create a common ground where residents and visitors of diverse cultural and social backgrounds can convene to explore our individual and collective roles in environmental stewardship and social action which shape the future for our global community.

The Darwin Project is in its programming and design stage and needs your participation to accomplish this wonderful mission.

Please join us with your financial support and leadership to make the dream of Boston’s Botanical Garden and Conservation Learning Center a reality.

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